SMT Power Inductor

SMT Power Inductor is a property of a closed loop. When the coil of the patch inductor passes a current, the patch inductor creates a magnetic field induction in the coil, which in turn generates an induced current to resist the current passing through the coil. The role of SMT Power Inductor in the circuit is to produce a changing magnetic field through the unsteady current, and this magnetic field will in turn affect the current, SMT Power Inductor in the power circuit series such as inductance, inductance is direct to dc, high resistance to high-frequency pulse, so play the role of dc resistance AC pulse.

The resistor is used to control the current in the circuit, the capacitor is used to separate the direct current AC, and the inductor is used to block the high and low frequency. On the other hand, the capacitor and inductor are energy storage components, so there is a filtering effect in the circuit. The chip inductor in a circuit has the property of blocking the flow of alternating current and allowing the flow of direct current. Inductance is characterized by dc and AC resistance. The higher the frequency, the greater the coil impedance. Inductors often work with capacitors in a circuit.

SMT Power Inductor have the property of preventing current changes in ac circuits. The inductance coil has similar characteristics with the inertia in mechanics, which is named as "self-induction" in electricity. The patch inductor at low frequency, the inductance generally presents the inductance characteristics, which only accumulates energy and filters the characteristics of high frequency, but at high frequency, its impedance characteristics are very obvious. Energy consumption and heat, perceptual effect is reduced. Different inductors have different high-frequency characteristics.
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