3-Pin 4-Pin I-Shaped Inductor

3-pin 4-pin I-shaped inductor we provide have the advantages of high power, high current resistance, low cost, high reliability and large inductance range. It is suitable for automatic production. Our products meet EU standards and are exported to China and other countries all over the world.
Product Description

1. Product Introduction of 3-Pin 4-Pin I-Shaped Inductor


This Ferrite Based 3-pin 4-pin I-shaped inductor is an energy storage element, which is used in LC oscillation circuit, medium and low frequency filter circuit and current energy storage terminal. Generally, it is connected with power supply. We hope to become your preferred supplier.


2. Product Parameter (Specification) of 3-Pin 4-Pin I-Shaped Inductor


 HPK3W-5W I-character inductance
 1. Five-ring pattern and size (SHAPE AND SIZE) (unit mm)

 1.1 HPK3W(3PIN)



 1.2 HPK4W(4PIN)

 1.3 HPK5W(5PIN)



3. Product Feature And Application of 3-Pin 4-Pin I-Shaped Inductor


3-pin 4-pin I-shaped inductor Features: 

Small size radial lead type; Small mounting space required; 

Excellent characteristics for High Q;

Minimized distributed capacitance hence high SRF; 

Special lead wire construction prevents open circuit failures;



 TVs and Audio equipment; 

Telecommunication devices; 

Buzzers and Alarm systems; 

Switching Power Supplies; 

Systems requiring Band and High Q; 

Other noise filters .


4. Product Details of 3-Pin 4-Pin I-Shaped Inductor


3-pin 4-pin I-shaped inductor: 1.0UH to 100MH ; Covered with PVC sleeve or UL tube; Available taped for auto insertion; Operating temperature:-20℃ to 80℃; Current rating :Based on temperature rise not exceeding 20℃.; Terminal strength: 0.5kg min.




5. Product Qualification of 3-Pin 4-Pin I-Shaped Inductor


1. Current Rating :Based on temperature rise not to exceed 20℃;

2. Operating temperature :-20℃ to 80℃ ;

3. Dielectric withstanding voltage: 500V r.m.s; The product has stable quality, high power, low temperature rise and excellent quality. The quality assurance of Ferrite Based DIP Power Inductance is more than 5 years, which is trust worthy.




6. Deliver, Shipping And Serving of 3-Pin 4-Pin I-Shaped Inductor 


Our Ferrite Based DIP Power Inductance generally have a domestic delivery date of 10 working days; The foreign delivery time is 20 working days. Our packaging adopts three-level packaging, which is firm and reliable, and can effectively protect the products from damage.



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