Differential Mode Toroid Inductance

Differential Mode Toroid Inductance we provide has high magnetic induction intensity, low magnetic loss, and good DC superposition. It can pass through large current. Its advantages are becoming increasingly obvious. At present, it is widely used in private scientific and technological products and military power supply market. The market is distributed in China, Europe, America and Southeast Asia. We hope to provide you with high-quality service.

Differential Mode Toroid Inductance in the case of a constant ac frequency, the greater the inductance, the greater the blocking ability of the AC, the smaller the inductance, the smaller the blocking ability. In addition, with a constant amount of inductance, the higher the frequency of the ac, the greater the inductance's hindrance to the AC; the lower the frequency, the less the inductance's hindrance to the AC. In other words, the inductance has the property of blocking the flow of alternating current and allowing the flow of direct current.

In order to ensure the high performance of military power supply, the selected magnetic materials of this Differential Mode Toroid Inductance are generally ferrite and ferrosilicon aluminum. Because ferrosilicon aluminum itself will have stable performance, little change with temperature, and high air gap strength, it is very suitable for military power supply. We hope to become your long-term partner in China.

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