High Frequency Chip Inductor

High frequency chip inductor also known as laminated inductor, has two standards: inductance and inductive reactance. They are made of magnetic materials without winding. They filter out EMI and EMC noise and electromagnetic interference sources at extremely high frequency. They have large output, high production efficiency, low price, automatic patch installation, better stability. Rigorous production technology and perfect quality control system are the basis for me to win customers; Our products meet EU standards and are exported to China and other countries all over the world.

The characteristic of High frequency chip inductor is high self resonance frequency; Laminated monolith structure with high reliability; Excellent weldability and soldering resistance, suitable for reflow soldering and wave soldering, generally used in mobile phones, pagers, PHS and PDA; Various high frequency circuits; Suppress various high-frequency clutter.

Our high-quality high frequency chip inductor solves low differential mode noise signal suppression interference sources for customers, and is deeply loved by customers in China, Europe and America.

High frequency chip inductor is MULTILAYER FERRITE CHIP INDUCTORS. Features: z High Performance Characteristics SMI chips exhibit low DC resistance and high Q at high frequency.; z High Reliability SMI chip inductors have a monolithic inorganic material construction that effectively minimizes electromagnetic interference. z High Soldering Heat Resistance SMI chip inductors have high quality termination allowing both flow and reflow soldering methods to be used; Applications: CD-ROMs, Hard disks, Modems, Computers, Printers, Televisions.

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