• Inductance is the ratio of the magnetic flux in a wire to the current producing the alternating flux around the inside of the wire when an alternating current is flowing through it.


  • Patch inductance and current convert electrical energy, store it, and then release it, which is why capacitors discharge.


  • Inductance is the ratio of the magnetic flux of the conductor to the current producing the alternating magnetic flux generated in and around the conductor when the alternating current passes through the conductor. When DC current passes through the inductor, only fixed magnetic lines of force appear around it, which does not change with time; However, when AC current passes through the coil, there will be magnetic lines of force around it that change with time.


  • Patch power inductor for two major roles Two main functions of patch power inductor Source: Published Date: 2021.04.19 Patch power inductor, this kind of patch inductor is also called power inductor, high current inductor. The inductance in the general electronic circuit is a hollow coil, or a coil with a magnetic core, which mainly plays a filtering and oscillation role in the circuit. When the coil of the patch inductor passes the current, the patch inductor forms a magnetic field induction in the coil, and the magnetic field induction will generate an induced current to resist the current through the coil.


  • Magnetic core and transmission line are two key materials of winding inductance, which affect the most basic characteristics of inductance. I-inductors, R bar inductors, magnetic ring inductors and most SMT output power inductors are typical wound inductors. Their mutual characteristic is that the core is surrounded by enameled wire. The influence of magnetic core on winding inductance includes inductance, DCR, rated current and so on. This kind of influence is related to the material, specification and model of magnetic core.


  • What is inductance Inductor is used as an energy storage component in many occasions. In addition to energy storage, it also has choke, transformer, filter, resonance and other functions. When an alternating current passes through a wire, an alternating magnetic field will be generated around it, and energy will be stored inside by magnetic generation and magnetic generation. This is the basic principle of inductance. Therefore, the inductance value will be affected by the core material, shape, winding number, shape and so on. Inductance has a low impedance to DC, but a high impedance to AC.