The Difference Between Common Mode Inductance And Differential Mode Inductance


Common mode inductor is an electronic component, important from two aspects of different specifications model data information analysis, the same coil structure coil turns the same symmetrical coil inductor in the same ferrite core ring transformer skeleton, resulting in itself a four-terminal electronic device, In order to show the development trend of common mode signal in the middle of the large inductance digital model research has the existence of certain can restrain the influence of social development factors, and for the differential mode signal management information system to show some not large leakage inductance most ineffective.


Differential mode inductance is a characteristic of closed-loop control system, that is, when the current changes according to the closed-loop control system, the induced electromotive force will appear to resist the current change, which is called self-induction. Inductor circuit components and inductor circuit specific. A solenoid is a simple inductor that refers to a multi-wound cable (called a "coil") that can be hollow inside and can have a Chinese metal core.


The Difference Between Common - Mode Inductance And Differential - Mode Inductance

1. The winding lines of the common mode inductor are broadly bidirectional; Single - side differential - mode inductor is filleted machine.


2. common mode hazard control filter device can be called according to the common mode of inductor; Differential mode hazard control filter device, and inductor called differential mode inductor.


3. equal to the same number of focus around the core coil turns, equal to the diameter of the power line, winding two opposite coils is common mode inductance; The differential mode inductor is coiled around the core of the coil.


4. common mode signal: there are two different aspects that lead to important factors in the learning process of the zero line and the live line can be based on the same signal; Differential mode signal: suitable for use in communication systems for the same control circuit.


Characteristics of common mode inductors: transformer coils are not afraid of saturation, because two groups of coils on the same transformer coil are wound in opposite directions. High conductivity ferrite core material is the top material in the market.


Differential mode inductor characteristics: in the case of large current flow applications, because it is not important in the coil winding resistance agent, when the current flow across the coil expansion to the coil of the transformer coil will be saturated, the core material is the most important structural material on the iron market, because the market price is very favorable.