High-power Integrated Inductor

High-power integrated inductor introduction: High-power integrated inductor has high stability and high reliability. The stability and reliability of high-power integrated inductors are relatively high. Our products have relatively high stability and quality as well as comply with EU standards. We have a broad market in China and overseas. Our products can be customized according to customer needs.

High-power integrated inductor feature and application:

1. Small volume (Maximum Size 7.5 * 6.8 * 3.0mm), large current (range up to 60a), excellent temperature rise current and saturation current characteristics in high frequency and high temperature environment

2. Inductance range from 0.10uh to 33.00uh

3. Magnetic shielding structure, strong anti-electromagnetic interference (EMI) performance

4. Low loss alloy powder die casting, low impedance and small parasitic capacitance

5. High efficiency, wide application frequency and wide application range

High-power integrated inductor has higher working current, full shielding structure and better magnetic shielding effect. Because it is a die-casting process, its magnetic core is in close contact with the coil, which can avoid the noise caused by the movement of the coil under the action of magnetic field. In the production process, High-power integrated inductor is produced automatically by the equipment, with high product stability and consistency, and can be applied to products with high reliability.

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