Toroid Power Inductance

Toroid Power inductance is an inductance with large inductance to differential mode high-frequency interference, also called differential mode choke coil. There are three types of core materials for Toroid Power inductance. Sendust magnetic powder core has the lowest unit volume cost, so it is most suitable for making civilian Toroid Power inductance. The price of iron-nickel 50 and iron-nickel-molybdenum magnetic powder cores is much higher than that of iron-silicon-aluminum magnetic powder cores, which are more suitable for military use and some occasions with high volume and performance requirements. The market is distributed in China, Europe, America and Southeast Asia, and we hope to provide you with quality services.

Toroid Power inductance must flow through the AC power supply current. Generally, iron powder cores with a low μ value are used. Because the μ value is low, the inductance is low. The typical value is between tens of uH and hundreds of uH. We hope to become your long-term partner in China

The characteristic of the Toroid Power inductance is that it is used in high current situations. Since a coil is wound on an iron core, when the current flowing into the coil increases, the iron core in the coil will saturate, so the most used iron core material on the market is metal powder core material. Especially the iron powder core material (due to the low price).

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