Common Mode Toroid Inductance

Common Mode Toroid Inductance with base magnetic ring is used for EMI noise suppression in AC power supplies, Can eliminate low frequency common mode noise, Good attenuation characteristics and low loss. The products are used in various electronic and electrical products. Automotive power supply medium. We are committed to providing high quality, cost-effective, high-performance products.

Common mode inductor is widely used in refrigerators, washing machines, camera, the small size of the fluorescent lamp, recorder, TV, etc., in the our common products, circular and common-mode inductor is mainly used as AC line noise and common mode choke conduction with it, when we use these electronic products, will not have to worry about blocking and interference signals.

Some  partners on the inductance of high requirements, then recommend the use of Common mode inductor. The higher the permeability, the lower the temperature the inductor can withstand. At the same time, we can reduce the number of coils wound, and use large wire diameter copper wire winding. Choose the right magnetic core according to your needs.

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