Stability Of Soft Magnetic Materials In Annular Inductance


Here, we only discuss closed magnetic rings, not hollow and air-gap magnetic rings. When it comes to high temperature fitness, it has to mention the iron powder core material magnetic ring, which is used to glue the magnetic powder together and form with adhesive material, and there are many, many small air gaps in the middle.


Air gaps exist because the magnetic properties of adhesive materials such as resins are roughly the same as those of air. This means that the less ferromagnetic powder the ring material contains, the better the temperature stability of the inductor.


However, compared with hollow inductor, the cost of iron core magnetic ring is higher. Manganese zinc material has a special high stability material, wide temperature or broadband. If it is required to be less affected by temperature, the selection of CORE depends on the influence of temperature on inductance. The inductance does not change much with temperature, which means that the CORE has good temperature stability.


In this paper, the temperature stability of the soft magnetic material of the magnetic ring inductor is discussed, and some suggestions are given for the selection of the soft magnetic material.