Magnetic Sealant Chip Inductor

Magnetic sealant chip inductor is a type of Chip shielded inductor with magnetic glue sealing. In this way, the beeping sound can be effectively reduced.

Electrode on ferrite core can enhance the anti-drop impact ability of magnetic sealing adhesive patch inductor. Our products are durable, electricity resistant, cost-effective, as well as in line with EU standards. We have a broad market in China and overseas.

Magnetic sealant chip inductor is an upgraded version of chip inductor. Some of the coil of traditional chip inductors are exposed, while Magnetic sealant chip inductor was sealed with glue. The glue is magnetic and play a shielding effect. Thus, magnetic sealant chip inductor can produce a magnetic field. Compared with the same size traditional chip inductors, its DC resistance is smaller. So to achieve the same inductance value, the turns requirement of Magnetic sealant chip inductor is relatively less.

Magnetic sealant chip inductor  feature and application

1. It adopts a closed magnetic circuit structure with less magnetic leakage and strong anti-electromagnetic interference ability

2. Compared with the traditional chip inductor, under the same size, its rated current will be nearly 30% higher.

3.Small volume.

4.Low energy consumption.


Widely used in mobile phones, tablet computers, TV sets, security, car navigation, LED lighting, portable game consoles, various power modules, etc.

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