RID FERRITE BEADS: When the current in the conductor passes through, the RID FERRITE BEADS have little impedance to the low-frequency current, but will have a great attenuation effect on the higher frequency current.
Product Description

1. Product Introduction of RID FERRITE BEADS


RID FERRITE BEADS are specially used to suppress high-frequency noise and peak interference on data lines and power lines, and also have the ability to absorb electrostatic pulses. Our products comply the EU standar, have good quality and have a broad market in China and the EU.


2. Product Parameter (Specification) of RID FERRITE BEADS


1. Five-ring RID bead pattern and size (SHAPE AND SIZE) (unit mm)

1.1  RID 7570133



1.2 RH magnetic beads of various sizes



 1.3 RH various sizes



 1.4 RHTB various sizes




 1.5 RID double holes in various sizes 




3. Product Feature And Application of RID FERRITE BEADS


 RID FERRITE BEADS Features and Applications:

1. Low loss ferrite material.

2. Easy mounting on PC Board.

3. Available in a wide range of values and configurations to suit most applications.

4. Tape packaging for automatic insertion.

5. Application: EMI filters; Wave for Correction of Digital Signals; Absorption of High Frequency Noise from Data Lines.


4. Product Details of RID FERRITE BEADS



Impedance ranges: 120Ohms to 300 Ohms.(@100MHz)

Frequency ranges: 1MHz to 500MHz

Rated current: 3.0 A max.

Operating temperature: -25℃to 85℃.




5. Product Qualification of RID FERRITE BEADS


RID FERRITE BEADS Qualification:

Our power RID FERRITE BEADS comply EU standards and reliability tests, with good quality, stability and durability.




6. Deliver, Shipping And Serving of RID FERRITE BEADS


Our power RID FERRITE BEADS generally have a domestic delivery date of 5 working days; The foreign delivery time is 10 working days. Our packaging adopts three-level packaging, which is firm and reliable, and can effectively protect the products from damage.


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