Air Core Coil Inductor

Air Core Coil Inductor does not use the magnetic core, skeleton and shielding cover, but is wound on the mold first, then the mold is removed, and a certain distance is opened between the coils. Our products comply the EU standards, have good quality and have a broad market in China and overseas.
Product Description

1. Product Introduction of Air Core Coil Inductor


Products introduction: Air Core Coil Inductor is that when the current in the coil changes, the Hollow Coil Inductances generates an inductive electromotive force which counteracts the passage of the current.  When the current in the inductor is too high, the inductor will naturally store some energy in order to maintain the balance of the current. When the current returns to the initial state, the inductor will release some energy.


2. Product Parameter (Specification) of Air Core Coil Inductor


HSC: To customer specification


1. Five-ring pattern and size (SHAPE AND SIZE) (unit mm)

2. Five ring number representation

 HC    -   0.8   X   4.0   X   3.5T   -   7     R



(1). Number (Type): Air coil (HC)

(2). Wire Gauge (Wire Gauge): 0.8mm (Wire Gauge: 0.8mm) (0.8)
(3). Coil inner diameter 4.0mm (Internal Diameter): (4.0)
(4). Number of turns: 2.5T (3.5T)
(5). Foot length 7.0mm (Lead length: 7.0mm ref ): 3A: (7)

(6). Winding direction, R represents forward winding, L represents reverse winding (Winding direction: R is Clockwise, L is Counter Clockwise): (R)



3. Product Feature And Application of Air Core Coil Inductor


Air Core Coil Inductor Features and Applications:

1. Low cost inductors
2. Use frequency up to 1 GHz
3. Rated current can be up to 50 Amp
4. Use in many high frequency applications

Hollow Coil Inductance Applications: Satellite communication systems, Microwave equipment, Television Circuits, AF/FM radio receivers/ transmitters, Band pass filters.


4. Product Details of Air Core Coil Inductor


Air Core Coil Inductor Details:
Frequency: up to 1 GHz

Rated current: up to 50 Amp.

operating temperature: -55℃to 105℃.

Winding: Clockwise(C.W.)

Counter Clockwise(C.C.W.)

Variable pitch and length.

Leads: Pretinned, Formed leads

Coil Length: To customer specification


5. Product Qualification of Air Core Coil Inductor


Our Air Core Coil Inductor comply EU standards and reliability tests, with good quality, stability and durability.


6. Deliver, Shipping And Serving of Air Core Coil Inductor


Our Air Core Coil Inductor generally have a domestic delivery date of 5 working days; The foreign delivery time is 10 working days. Our packaging adopts three-level packaging, which is firm and reliable, and can effectively protect the products from damage.


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