Stability Of Soft Magnetic Materials In Annular Inductance


Magnetic bar inductance generally uses 155℃enameled wire, that is, we often say yellow wire, there is a more application, 180℃or above enameled wire, enameled wire paint layer is red and black, also known as red or black line, high temperature line, etc. I-inductance, magnetic ring inductance is the first winding and then dipping tin processing, and magnetic bar inductance is first dipping tin and then forming the coil, of course, need to accurately calculate the length of dipping tin.

Specific technological process is: enameled wire first after peeling machine, peeling paint, after low temperature tin furnace, tin processing, enameled wire through the whole tin stove, is going to paint on the part of tin, and conventional h inductors, magnetic ring inductance are high temperature welding, magnet inductor is not enough high temperature of welding, high temperature will be enameled wire tin on the whole, this is why magnet inductor using low temperature tin. In particular, it is necessary to pay attention to the use of high temperature line, low temperature tin furnace is not tin, need to peel to paint, coil forming, and then tin.