HMD0505 Molded Coil

HMD0505 Molded Coil introduction: General I.F. Adjustable Inductors changes the inductance of the coil by changing the relative position of the permanent magnet and the coil, so as to achieve the purpose of linear compensation. There are usually two ways to change the inductance.
Product Description

1. Product Introduction of HMD0505 Molded Coil


HMD0505 Molded Coil Insert Molded coils connects a bidirectional thyristor switch in series with the inductor circuit, and changes the equivalent inductance of the inductor by turning on and off the bidirectional thyristor. A large number of sinusoidal energy distributor-type AC regulated power supplies developed and produced at home and abroad are based on this switch-controlled inductance method.


2. Product Parameter (Specification) of HMD0505 Molded Coil



  1. Five-ring pattern and size (SHAPE AND SIZE) (unit mm)
  Example: 5K TYPE
  type   A max   B ref   C   D    E±0.05   Copper shell Y/N
  K5Y   5.2±0.5   6.2±1.0   5.0±0.5   3.5±0.5   0.40   Y
  K6Y   7.0±0.5   8.0±1.0   7.0±0.5   4.0±1.0   0.40   Y
  K175   6.5±0.5   12.0±1.0   6.5±0.5   4.0±1.0   0.40   Y
  K10   10.0±0.5   12.5±1.0   9.8±0.5   4.0±1.0   0.70   Y
  type   A max   B ref   C   D   E±0.05   F
  7KB-S1   15.5±1.0   8.0±0.5   7.0±0.5   10.0±0.5   0.70   10.3±0.5
  7KB-S2   15.5±1.0   5.2±0.5   7.0±0.5   9.6±0.5   0.70   10.3±0.5
  7KB-S3   13.0±1.0   5.2±0.5   4.5±0.5   7.0±0.5   0.50    7.3±0.5
  7KB-S4   8.5±1.0   5.2±0.5   4.5±0.5   7.0±0.5   0.50    7.3±0.5
  2. The five rings' numbers showed
  K5Y  -  178X  -   1.0UH
  (1). Number of five rings (Type): Adjustable inductor (K5Y) Appearance size (SIZE) 5 in K5Y represents the appearance size of adjustable inductance
  (2). Five-ring sample number (178X)
  (3). Inductance "1.0" means 1.0UH (1.0 )
  (4). Inductance unit: (UH)



3. Product Feature And Application of HMD0505 Molded Coil


HMD0505 Molded Coil Features and Applications:

Variable inductors for RF stage
High stability

Available core materials:  Carbonyl, Ferrites. Aluminum. Brass.
Some products can be shielded with different kinds of metallic shield.


HMD0505 Molded Coil Application:

1). The oscillating coil for semiconductor radio is used in the semiconductor radio to form a local oscillating circuit with a variable capacitor. It is used to generate a local oscillation signal with a radio signal received by the input tuning circuit that is higher than 465kHz. The outside is a metal shield, and the inside is composed of a nylon lining frame, an I-shaped magnetic core, a magnetic cap, and a pin holder. The I-shaped magnetic core has a winding made of high-strength enameled wire. The magnetic cap is mounted on the nylon frame in the shield, and can be rotated up and down, and the inductance of the coil can be changed by changing the distance between it and the coil. The internal structure of the TV IF trap coil is similar to the oscillating coil, except that the magnetic cap is adjustable.


2). Line oscillation coil for TV sets Line oscillation coil is used in early black and white TV sets. It forms a self-excited oscillation circuit (three-point oscillator or intermittent oscillator, multivibrator) with peripheral resistance-capacitance components and line oscillation transistors. Used to generate a rectangular pulse voltage signal with a frequency of 15625HZ. There is a square hole in the center of the magnetic core of the coil, and the horizontal synchronization adjustment knob is directly inserted into the square hole. By turning the horizontal synchronization adjustment knob, the relative distance between the magnetic core and the coil can be changed, thereby changing the inductance of the coil and keeping the horizontal oscillation frequency It is 15625HZ, and the line synchronization pulse sent by the automatic frequency control circuit (AFC) generates synchronous oscillation.


3). Line linear coil Line linear coil is a kind of non-linear magnetic saturation inductance coil (its inductance decreases with the increase of current), it is generally connected in series in the line deflection coil loop, and uses its magnetic saturation characteristics to compensate the linearity of the image distortion.




4. Product Details of HMD0505 Molded Coil


HMD0505 Molded Coil Details:
inductance ranges: 0.01μH-1.5μH
Rated frequency: 1 10MHz – 500MHz
When use of a ferrite or carbonyl core, the inductance is min, and is measured with core 1/2 way out top of bobbin. 
When use of a aluminum or brass core, the inductance is max, and is measured with core 1/2 way out top of bobbin.
Operating temperature: - 40℃ to 85℃.


5. Product Qualification of HMD0505 Molded Coil

HMD0505 Molded Coil  Qualification:
Our General I.F. Adjustable Inductors comply EU standards and reliability tests, with good quality, stability and durability.




6. Deliver, Shipping And Serving of HMD0505 Molded Coil


Our HMD0505 Molded Coil inductance generally have a domestic delivery date of 5 working days; The foreign delivery time is 10 working days. Our packaging adopts three-level packaging, which is firm and reliable, and can effectively protect the products from damage.


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