HTCT8095 Filtered Inductance

HTCT8095 Filtered Inductance is a commonly used inductance device. There are oscillating coils for semiconductor radios, line oscillating coils for televisions, line linear coils, intermediate frequency trap coils, frequency compensation coils for audio, and choke coils.
Product Description

1. Product Introduction of HTCT8095 Filtered Inductance


HTCT8095 Filtered Inductance Introduction: General I.F. Adjustable Inductors changes the inductance of the coil by changing the relative position of the permanent magnet and the coil, so as to achieve the purpose of linear compensation. There are usually two ways to change the inductance: 

1): The soft ferrite with thread is used to change the position of the iron core in the coil; 

2): A sliding switch is used to change the number of coil turns, so as to change the inductance of the inductor.


2. Product Parameter (Specification) of HTCT8095 Filtered Inductance




  1. Five-ring pattern and size (SHAPE AND SIZE) (unit mm)
  Five ring number   A max   B min   C   D max   E   H max
  HTCT8095   8.0   9.0   5.0±0.5   3.5   0.6±0.05   9.5
  2. Five-ring number representation (Ordering information)
  HTCT     809535     -    470   
  (1). Number (Type): Peaking coils (HPKB)
  (2). Appearance size (size): (809535)
  (3). Nominal Inductance (Inductance): "470" means 47uH (Example: "470"for47uH) (470 )



3. Product Feature And Application of HTCT8095 Filtered Inductance


HTCT8095 Filtered Inductance Features and Applications:

Variable inductors for RF stage
High stability
Available core materials: Carbonyl, Ferrites, Aluminum, Brass.
Some products can be shielded with different kinds of metallic shield.

HTCT Adjustable Inductors Applications: ANT, R.F & OSC. Coils; FM radio; TV transceiver.




4. Product Details of HTCT8095 Filtered Inductance


HTCT8095 Filtered Inductance  Details:
inductance ranges: 0.01μH-1.5μH
Rated frequency:1 10MHz – 500MHz
When use of a ferrite or carbonyl core, the inductance is min, and is measured with core 1/2 way out top of bobbin. 
When use of a aluminum or brass core, the inductance is max, and is measured with core 1/2 way out top of bobbin.

Operating temperature: - 40℃ to 85℃.


5. Product Qualification of HTCT8095 Filtered Inductance


HTCT8095 Filtered Inductance Qualification:

Our General I.F. Adjustable Inductors comply EU standards and reliability tests, with good quality, stability and durability.




6. Deliver, Shipping And Serving of HTCT8095 Filtered Inductance


Our HTCT8095 Filtered Inductance inductance generally have a domestic delivery date of 5 working days; The foreign delivery time is 10 working days. Our packaging adopts three-level packaging, which is firm and reliable, and can effectively protect the products from damage.


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