How To Identify The Patch Inductance Reading?


The patch inductor is a nonlinear electronic component, which requires that the current through the inductor cannot change, so it will carry out a high resistance state for the current that changes. In general, we summarize several functions of the patch inductance: choke, filter, oscillation, tuning, etc. The basic units of patch inductance include hen (H), mH, and μH. The unit conversion relationship between them was 1H=1000mH, 1H=1000000μH. There are three labeling methods for patch inductance, one is direct labeling, the other is text symbol, and the other is color labeling. Many friends may not know how to measure whether the inductance is good or bad and reading knowledge, so let the small series give you a detailed explanation of it!


The advantage of direct notation is that the size of the inductance can be seen at a sight. It is the nominal inductance of the inductance directly marked on the inductance with numbers and characters. The letter behind the inductance unit represents the deviation. The text symbol method is composed of numbers and symbols, and the nominal value and deviation value of the inductance are marked on the inductance according to certain laws. This notation is usually used in some small power inductors, the unit is usually nH or pH, using "R" and "n" to represent the decimal point. For example, the inductance of 1R5 is 1.5μH. 2R5 represents an inductance of 2.5μH.  In fact, the color code method is similar to the resistance, which uses different colors to mark the inductance. The color ring indicates that the unit above the resistance is ohm (Ω), and the inductor is micro hen (μH). It is generally represented by three rings and four rings. The first two digits are significant digits, the third digit is the ratio, and if there is a fourth digit, it indicates the error level.


The following is an example to explain the direct labeling method:
xxxx-- R82J
xxxx indicates the logo of a manufacturer
R is the decimal point
82 means.82uh,

J indicates that the precision error of the product is ±5%


This product represents an error of + / - 5% of 0.82uH


Inductance reading standard:
XX 75 - 3R3 M - T
(1) (2) (3) (4) (5)
(1) Represents: product name
(2) indicated size: 75 7.0×7.8×5.0 mm (L×W×T)
(3) The inductance value is: 3R3 3.3uH; 221==22.0 times 10 to the first power =220uH
102=10*10 squared =1000uH, and the third digit is 10 to what power.
(4) Inductance error: N ±30%; m ±20%; k plus 10% J plus 5%

(5) represents the packaging style: A scroll; b Bulk products


The above is about the three labeling methods of patch inductance.  If you do not understand the above content, you can consult us!