How To Judge The Quality Of Color Ring Inductance?


The standard method of the color ring inductance is the same as the color ring resistance, and the volume size can distinguish the size of the current that can pass through. Because the operating environment of the inductance varies greatly, it is impossible to calculate all the requirements of the inductance in one way, so it is specially designed for the specific environment. A small inductance is as big as a sesame seed, and a large inductance is as big as a truck.


The shape of the color ring inductance is similar to the color ring resistance, but the tip of the color ring inductance is large in the middle, and the place where the lead connects is gradually tapered; the resistance is obviously thick on both sides, thin in the middle, and very uniform, and where the lead is connected is the vertical cross section.


Generally, the inductor of the color ring is green as the background color, while the resistor is usually brown, blue or off-white as the background color.  Pointer-type multimeter to detect the inductor is a good or bad method: the pointer type multimeter conversion switch in Rx1 stop, red and black pen each connected to any pin of the inductor, according to the measured resistance value, can be specifically divided into the following three cases for identification:


1) The resistance value of the measured coil or color code inductor is zero, and there is a short circuit fault inside it.


2) When the meter hands turn, the measured inductance has a resistance value reading. The resistance value is directly related to the wire diameter and the number of the wire wound around the inductor. As long as the resistance value can be measured, the measured winding or inductance can be considered normal.


3) If the meter hand is not moving and the measured inductance resistance value is infinite, it indicates that there is an open circuit fault inside the meter.


LGA0204-0510 Color ring inductance
1. SHAPE AND SIZE of five rings (size: mm)
The five rings number A B D E
LGA0204 4.0  MAX 62±2.0 2.8  max  0.42±0.05
LGA0307 8.0  MAX 62±2.0 3.0  max  0.50±0.05
LGA0410 11.0  MAX 62±2.0 4.0  max  0.54±0.05
LGA0510 12.0  MAX 62±2.0 5.0  max  0.58±0.05
2. The number of the five rings indicates

LGA    0307   -   221    K -    T

(1)        (2)        (3)    (4)     (5)

(1). number Type : Coated with epoxy resin products(Epoxy Coated)  ( LGA )
(2). Size: Size of finished product(According to size)  ( 0307 )
(3). Nominal inductance value(Inductance) : "221"shows 220uH(Example: "221"for 220uH)  ( 221 )
(4). Induction of tolerance(Tolerance) :"M:±20%, "K":±10% , "J":±5%  ( K )
(5). The packaging format( Other information ) : T5: Braided packing, plastic bags without T5 in bulk  ( T5)