The Purpose And Application Of Color Ring Inductor


Color ring inductors, similar to common color ring resistors, usually use three or four color rings to mark the inductance quantity. The inductor with color ring to mark the inductance quantity is usually called color ring inductor or color code inductor. The color ring inductor is composed of a coil and a magnetic core, which mainly plays the role of energy storage and filtering. In high-frequency electronic equipment, the appearance of the color ring inductor has a layer of paint, is to play the role of insulation. The role of color ring inductor in the circuit is somewhat similar to that of a transformer, which is used for signal transformation and transmission. Sometimes it is also called a transformer.


The color ring inductor has two functions: one is to transmit high frequency signal effectively; the other is to form a matching network with other components (such as resistors, capacitors), so that the signal output end and the load can be well matched. Microstrip line coupled inductors are commonly used in radio frequency circuits, especially the receiving front stage and the transmitting last stage. The beginning point and the end point of the stealth inductor using a multimeter are connected, but the beginning point and the end point must not be short-circuited. The basic working principle of color ring inductor is charging and discharging, of course, there are rectification, oscillation and other functions.


Color ring inductor has important application in infinite electric technology and other production technology.  In the circuit, the inductor coil (color ring inductor) and the capacitor together constitute the resonant circuit, filter circuit and so on.  Because the working frequency band is very different, so the coil number of inductance, the skeleton material difference.  The inductor coil suitable for power filter is wound on the core made of silicon steel sheet, and its shape is very similar to that of a transformer.  The inductance of color ring inductance L is also called self-inductance or self-inductance coefficient.  Inductance is a physical quantity that represents the electromagnetic induction ability of inductance coil.



Color ring inductor is generally used for circuit matching and signal quality control, general connection and power supply connection, is also a storage element. The color ring inductance is similar to the inertia in mechanics, and the electronic component is named "inductor". Usually, at the moment of opening or switching on the knife switch, a spark will occur, which is caused by the high-induced electric potential generated by the self-induction phenomenon. The inductance change of the color ring inductance comes from the change of the external alternating power supply, so from the objective effect, the color ring inductance has the characteristic of preventing the current change in the AC circuit. In short, when the color ring inductor is connected to the AC power supply, the magnetic field line inside the color ring inductor will change with the alternating current, resulting in electromagnetic induction.