What Is Inductance? What Are The Main Parameters Of Inductance?


Main parameters of inductance

1. inductance: inductance L is the inherent characteristics of the inductance coil itself, and voltage, current and other nominal direct relationship, inductance is the inductance of the more important parameters;


2. inductive reactance: capacitance corresponds to the capacitive reactance, inductance corresponds to the inductive reactance, it is the size of the coil on the ac hindrance, inductive reactance value XL=2πfL;


3. Q value: Q value of the inductance is a physical quantity of the coil, the higher the Q value, the smaller the loop loss, Q value is generally dozens to hundreds, its value Q=ωL/R;


4. rated current: the maximum current allowed in the coil, the design of the circuit should take full account of the current limit, especially high-frequency choke coil and other occasions.