What Is The Difference Between An Inductor And A Resistor?


Inductor is a passive component, and only works when current passes through it. Its function is to convert ac to dc, and then filter out part of the noise wave, so that the smooth wave can pass through. At present, the manufacture of inductor is mainly manual, and the assembly of shielded inductor depends on the fixture, otherwise the tolerance will be increased. Detection is mainly through lcr digital bridge or other impedance analyzer, divided into physical test and environmental test. The main parameters of inductance are: inductance, current, resistance. Resistance is usually easy to ignore, because the resistance is an energy dissipating element, its value does not have much effect on the current, but with excessive heat loss, a lot of useless work is produced.


Some customers will have requirements on resistance. In most cases, as long as the difference is not too much, there is no big impact. Like inductors, resistors are passive elements. The main physical characteristic of resistance is that it can be converted into heat energy. It can also be said that it is an energy dissipation element, through which current passes, heat energy is generated. Resistors usually play the role of voltage division and shunt in a circuit. For signals, both AC and DC signals can pass through resistors.


Generally speaking, it is easy to judge the resistance of the multimeter: adjust the multimeter in the appropriate block, and put the two pens of the multimeter at both ends of the resistance, you can read the resistance value from the multimeter. It should be noted that the hand should not touch the metal part of the pen when testing resistance. But in the actual mobile phone maintenance, resistance damage rarely occurs, in addition to a few models of some resistance, also rarely care about resistance value. Pay attention to whether the resistance is welding, stripping. When an inductor is broken down, it becomes a resistance.



 HSMDCHGR Electrical pattern type and size
1. Pattern and size of five rings( SHAPE AND SIZE)  ( unit mm )
The five rings number PART NO A max B max C max D E F G H I J
HSMDCHGR0402 1.19 0.64 0.66 0.25 0.51 0.23 0.56 0.66 0.36 0.46
HSMDCHGR0603 1.8 1.12 1.02 0.38 0.76 0.33 0.86 1.02 0.64 0.64
HSMDCHGR0805 2.29 1.73 1.52 0.51 1.27 0.51 1.02 1.78 1.02 0.76
HSMDCHGR1008 2.92 2.79 2.1 0.51 2.03 0.51 1.52 2.54 1.02 1.27
HSMDCHGR1210 3.56 2.92 2.23 0.51 2.1 0.51 2.03 2.54 1.02 1.78
2. The five rings are numbered
HSMDCHGR  0805 – 47  N
 1         2       3 4
1. Inductance of Product Type (HSMDCHGR) ceramic wound patch
2. Dimensions: Length Length (L) x Width Width (W) x Thickness (T) 0805
3. Inductance value: 47NH
4. The Inductance how Inductance Tolerance: (N + / - 15%, J plus or minus 5% : K: plus or minus 10%, M: + / - 20%).
5. Terminal Terminal: G: gold Terminal S: Sn Terminal
6. Packing style: B: Bulk; T: Tape and reel