What Is The Effect Of The Core On The Winding Inductance


Different magnetic core materials have different magnetic flux, if other factors will not be changed to ensure that the appearance and specifications are completely the same but the magnetic core of different materials will affect the inductance of the winding inductance.


According to the calculation method of inductance L=(k*μ0*μs*N*N* s)/ L. The larger the magnetic conductivityμs of the core material is, the higher the inductance of the winding inductance is.


The inductance of an electromagnetic coil with a magnetic core is greater than that of a hollow coil. The magnetic core can increase the inductance of the winding inductance. Generally speaking, under the condition of ensuring that the number of turns of the winding inductance coil does not change, we can understand from another method of inductance L=μ×S*(N*N)/ L: the thicker the core (the larger the core diameter), the larger the inductance will be when S increases. If other major parameters are not changed, the core diameter is larger, the inductance value is smaller, the DCR is larger, and the dc superposition capacity is larger. The main reason is that the copper core line cuts off the magnetic flux, lengthens the magnetic circuit, and the total reluctance increases, L=N^2/R,R increases, L decreases. In addition, the core specifications will also affect the packaging specifications of the winding inductance, the larger the core specifications, the greater the packaging specifications of the winding inductance.


Because of the limitation of the material characteristics of the magnetic core, the application scope of the wound inductance made by different cores will be different. For example, the winding inductance of ferrite core has a very large DCR and high temperature, which can be used as output power inductance, choke coil and energy storage inductance. The winding inductance of iron powder core material has strong EMC characteristics, which is more suitable for filter applications to reduce electromagnetic interference.